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Kennel S Bulvara Briosh is relatively young and was registered by RKF-FCI
on February, 17th, 2005. (The certificate has number 6533)

But my first acquaintance to an unearthly essence which named the Pug,
took place in April, 1995. Then my heart has been given to the unique breed
- to the Great Dane, and at home there lived two fine giants.
Studying of bases of dog breeding, dog shows, dialogue with breeders
of Great Danes was the fascinating dogs world !!!
And here the Majesty Case has interfered!
Many thanks to breeder Olejnikova Natalia for my beautiful pug,
Shanny Olen , who has lived with me almost 15 years
With her occurrence at home the boundless love to pugs,
to little and proud " mastiff " with the folded face and
beautiful bottomless eyes was born!

The idea of creation of own kennel has appeared with purchase in kennel "Tagritania"
of my fantastic princess Tagritania Essenia Briosh.
Here again has not done without a miracle: first daughter of
Sraphin du Cottage de Sherwood (ow. T.Belous), which I so waited
She was born in day of my birth, even at the same o'clock
Essenia has completely justified my expectations,
became the Champion of Russia and remarkable mum.

In November, 2005 our Essenia has given birth two excellent puppies, Alelia, which has remained with us, and Aluciano, which has left for Finland.

In March, 2006 I have got my charming Elis,
Saishan Vitt Baid Iziashnaya Krasotka,
the Young Champion of Russia and the Champion of Russia.

In August 2006 Elis has given birth three charming pups.
Boys Emilien and Genial live in Moscow, and the daughter
Bastiana has left for Vladivostok to our co-owner Elena.
I from the bottom of the heart thank Elena for successful show career of our Bastiana!

In November, 2006, having grown up pups Elis has continued her show career:
4 excellent in champion class at the National pugs show,
a victory on " Eurasia 1-2 "-2007, a victory over several pugs shows in Russia.
About all her show can to learn on her personal page

Three years ago the destiny has reduced me with Anastasia Gvozdeva which looked for the pug puppy. And we had an idea to bring a beautiful pug of interesting lines from France, from kennel " des Hauts de France ". Here my trade - the teacher of the French language very was useful, and in July, 2005 at Anastasia there was a little Amour, and in St.-Petersburg beauty Evlampia has been got.
In March 2007 at Anastasia from this beautiful and titled pair was born a litter of seven females. To me it is very pleasant, that these nices pugs have the name of S Bul'vara Briosh and I wish them the very successful future!

In August 2007 Elis again became mum of six wonderful pups. They have found the loving owners in Russia, Ukraine and Italy, and already prepare for the future show career.

In 2008 in the end of February our black beauty Alelia has presented us six black pups, We plan to marry our Essenia and Bastiana, participate in different dog shows. Watch our news...

Thanks you that have visited our website! We are always glad to dialogue and cooperation with pugs owners and breeders.

My Best Regards,
Svetlana Bulkina

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